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Shipping List

Yunjae Anthology Shipping List

This list will show who's books have shipped. The list shows first name + first few letters of your email.

I'm shipping in order of when payments were recieved. Again though, depending on where you live, some people may recieve them before you even if they were shipped at the same time. Shipping time is somewhere between 5-10 working days on average.

If you are not on the list below, please leave a message or contact me. This should be all of the orders, appart from those who group ordered with me to Australia.

Lisa - lido_ba
Nazatul - naxar
Phuong - phuongh
Tina - ultama_t
Andra - andraan
Widya - widya2
Ma. Lourdes - flower0
Agapi - xxelin
Melissa - fasterl
Celena - alexe
Kia - herki
Dara - chibi_r
Eva - ujzfkj
Stephanie - steor (I messed up your order, sorry! Your second book will come late. >_<)
Natasha - nikita3
Hang - pokemon_1
Helena - helenayu
Beverly - jaeho.tv
Sabine - sabine.de
Sofia - lifewitho
Marjolaine - aureliaus-t
Michaela - harubar
Polyxeni - xenia_9
Vanda - just_ndh
Victoria - sidma
Katie - katie.emi
Atiqah - atiqah_az

Update 27th April
Audhrey - odilov
Kathy - kathy_kh
Ciara - lizmom
Lorena - lore_fr
Pei - peiju
Mary - todeid
Nikkee - nikkee45
Allison - ay.libr
Joy - allegor
Sasipim - taz_w
Sara - sara_st
Diana - rozmi
Michelle - michellehu
Tang - until_y
Kim - kiiii
Dana - se7e
Foo - charmed_h
Helene - eliona.g
Celine - caraqu
Christin - chrissie1
Ariffin - arlin
Jasin - rosir
Vivian - snowbu
Joanna - williams98
Jeri - blinkthemo
Amy - amy
Ria - vanden

Update 30 April (sorry, some of these went out earlier, I just didn't get a chance to update the thread)
Jolene - jolenegp
Marja - marjak8
Cyrielle - haruhi-ky
Jonathan - musicfre
Carmen - xoladysni
Yelena - yelena.gal
Carmeli - kahel_
Ade - ade.juli
Andrea - winter_c
Luiz - amandasi
Chong - shake_bo
Ghadeer - u270
Hu - hu_bao
Lim - splim
Sharifah - sharinw
Najwa - mimie_ab
Mohan - sush
Weerayut - gravitat
Alexis - pscho
Wan - ruhana
Wye - sarah_ch
Melissa - yukimi
Kokwah - kokwaho
Ishtar - ishtarfis
Daria - pirat
Rinaldo - mikela
Julia - nadj
Marlene - unknownti
Fransisca - jaeho_tv
Vanessa - xan_xia
Melissa - melissa.t
Kelly - kellyaz
Juliahana - j.may
Khalid - blue_sa
Doris - m.wurzba
Beatriz - Bia_ho
Nicole - nicole_yi
Bethel - mikipo
Aan - ichli
Iryna - siagb
Metta - mett4
Julalug - jakiw
Wong - james19
Kristina - hwaiting.ji
Justyna - yaama
Nguyen - komodo_a
Meilita - cassiopiach
Munin - vantana19
Alexandra - shinm
Tan - phaik.a
Cheryl - moofi
Arian - pscho
Sampaguita - pscho
Yuet - yuetlin
Afaf -

Update 3rd May
Jaqueline - jaquelineN
Cindy - limefla
Rebeca - rebecaper
Violet - cutiedra
Joey - kimchiku (Sorry Joey - stuffed up your order. Your books will come seperately. Please let me know if there is a problem!)
Dreamspinner - contact
Idaly - whitewin
Pauline - starmo
Janet - xox_rox
Mary-Anne - stellar
Yvonne - yve.wo
Stephanie - esaye
Shilrey - truong.s
Sandra - jedif
Tiffany - fluffip
Wan - ruhana
Wenyue - wenyue.am
Alicia - arpres
Ziliang - ziliangz
Addy - addymo
Farah - farah_rosl
Shirley - riskingde
Lejani - msgarc
Michelle - fuzzbal
Xing - keyings
Jessica - sappx
Edward - phoen
Haeyeon - haeyl
Noor - jae4ev
Mary - tokei
Bianca - easterna
Thermogène - shopping_g
Steph - xstephie_m
Paula - bleu_par
Norizah - endoh_a
Em - girl
Jamie - kokog
Lauren - labe
Rachel - dora.lo
Natalie - nataliekkh
Justine - justine_luc
Vy - vyt.v
Michela - akihim

Update 10th May
Juliana - jyllch
Monica - mber
Soh - slt.am
Amber - shede
Linda - linda-g


YJA Shipping!
I'm happy to announce the pre-ordered books will start going out mid-next week. :)

They will go out according to who ordered first, however depending on where you live it may take longer to get some places than others.

Shipping in most cases should take 5-10 working days, meaning you should get books somewhere in the next 2-3 weeks.

I will creating a shipping post next week listing whose has gone (first name + first few letters of your email), so you know all's well. Please note that there are over 200 books in the pre-order, so be patient with me! I'm trying as best I can to get them out and you guys informed as soon as I can, but I do work full time so have to work around that and my other RL commitments.

If you have any issues though, please feel free to PM me, post or email me and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

For those of you ordering through me in Australia, I'll let you know when I get the books.

Pre-order is now CLOSED.

The Book
The project brings together stories by YunJae authors and puts them into book form. The book is approximately 400 pages long, and is illustrated by the fabulous artist shigai. You won't find these stories or artworks anywhere else, they've all been written especially for this project.

The following stories will be included:

quirke (quirke) - "fleurs de mort" - R
Once, twice, several times, Yunho met a fellow called Death but didn’t know it. Death followed him, intrigued—what would it be like for him to see me? the reaper had wondered once. It would take a few good years after their first encounter for Yunho to finally meet the grim reaper face-to-face.

Sarah (rain_streaked) - "Matchmaker" - PG-13
Yunho's ridiculously good at matchmaking people, but when it come to his not-so-little crush Jaejoong, Yunho's streak of successfully bringing couples together is very threatened.

blurmeese (blurmeese) - "Fall" – PG13
Things to do:
-pick up pieces of DongBangShinKi
-stay in love
-have fun
-survive apocalypse

Hoshi (age_of_dreams)- "Parallel Hearts" – NC-17
Imagine a world just like our own, but with one, fundamental difference: here hybrid creatures known as "Catfolk" live alongside humans, a difficult cohabitation aggravated by prejudices and mutual distrust.

Meet Kim Jaejoong, a country boy who moves to Seoul to chase after his dreams; once there, however, he discovers just how different things are compared to his hometown, and the chance meeting with the most unlikely trio of friends - Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu - and especially with his handsome but hostile roommate, Yunho, forces him to question everything he knew about Catfolk, love, and himself.

Sarah (anoukinparis) - "The Bench" - R
By accident, by fate, by a string of random decisions Yunho and Jaejoong die on the exact same day and end up meeting in a place that has no name, that leaves them without heartbeats. Yet that's when they really begin to live.

Isami J Mayhard (isamijae) - "Before I Go" – PG13
Six days after Yunho’s accident, Jaejoong finds a box of tapes in his mailbox. When he plays them, he hears something he thought he’ll never hear again: Yunho’s voice.

Guu (guu_dammit) - "The Way We Are" - R
Five years after a bad breakup, an unexpected encounter with Kim Jaejoong brings Yunho to deal over his past one more time. The two meet again and again, picking up the pieces of who they used to be and try to patch up a friendship that has been left behind, only to realize that time changes everything, except those things that matter the most.

The book is $20 USD. This cost covers the manufacturing, and a $5 donation to the Save the Children organisation in Yunho and Jaejoong's names.

If you are running a group order of 3 OR MORE BOOKS, please contact me separately by emailing me at caseyloki@gmail.com (see the info I need below) 

How to Pre-order

The pre-order for the Yunjae Anthology is now CLOSED.

Please note that the YJA was produced as a limited edition book made to order, and therefore only the books ordered during the pre-order period will be made. No further orders will be accpeted, and unfortunately now that the pre-order is closed there is no other way to buy the book.

Pre-ordered books will ship mid-April.

Thank you!
I'd like to thank everyone who supported this project and bought a book, all those who helped others purchase a book, and most especially to the writers, beta readers and artists involved in the project who made it all possible.

Thank you to riiche, Hoshi, rain_streaked, blurmeese, anoukinparis, Isami, Guu & Shigai for all your hard work and for agreeing to part of this project.

Welcome to the Yunjae Anthology!

The Project

Six months after I embarked on this project, I'm proud to present the YunJae Anthology. The project brings together stories by YunJae authors and puts them into book form. The book is approximately 450 pages long, and is illustrated by the fabulous artist shigai. You won't find these stories or artworks anywhere else, they've all been written especially for this project.

Authors and Stories

Isami J Mayhard (isamijae) - "Before I Go"
quirke (quirke) - "fleurs de mort"
Guu (guu_dammit) - "The Way We Are"
blurmeese (blurmeese) - "Fall"
Hoshi (age_of_dreams)- "Parallel Hearts"
Sarah (anoukinparis) - "The Bench"
Sarah (rain_streaked) - "Matchmaker"

The Book

At approximately 450 pages, this paperback is the length of most novels. The book will have a beautiful colour cover and back, with black and white illustrations scattered inside.

The book will cost $20 USD, and payment can be made by Paypal or Visa/Mastercard only. This cost covers the manufacturing, and a $5 donation to the Save the Children organisation in Yunho and Jaejoong's names.

The Pre Order

Pre orders will be open from the 1st to 19th of March on this community. Please note that the books are MADE TO ORDER, and so will take a couple of weeks from the close date to manufacture and ship. Shipping costs will depend on where you live, and will be calculated after you place an order. It should run to somewhere between $4-$8USD for normal airmail shipping.

Group orders are welcome, so if anyone would like to organise regional shipping, I'm happy to accomodate that.

If you'd like to advertise this project, we'd love you to post on your LJ/blog etc. Here's a couple of small banners that link back to this community.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to post here!

*** Please note that you do not need to join this community to order. I will not be adding 'members'. You can watch the comm for updates, but there's no need for membership. :) ***


The Yunjae Anthology fanwork book

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